What Are The 5 Foods That Destroy Bone Density?

Bone density can be determined by a couple of factors, but the most imperative ones are your diet and workout routine. If your bones lack calcium, vitamin D, or other nutrients, your bones will start getting frangible, leading to osteoporosis – a bone-weakening disease.

What can weaken bone density?

There are certain foods that are exceptionally bad for your bones as they lead to loss of calcium. Besides, your food habits also play a big part when it comes to your bone health. Here is a list of some foods that can decrease bone density. Keep reading to know.

  • Carbonated drinks
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Caffeine
  • High salt intake

Carbonated drinks

Over a course of time, carbonated drinks can take a toll on your bone density. The sugar content in these drinks can extract calcium from the bones, which makes them more fragile. The frizz in these carbonated drinks comes from many different acids that lessen the bone’s ability to soak calcium. Furthermore, it dissolves the calcium that is present in the body.

Alcohol Consumption

Excess alcohol consumption can weaken your bones in several ways. Alcohol can impede the absorption of calcium and other nutrients necessary for bone health. It can also destroy the capability to redevelop bone tissues. In addition, excess alcohol consumption is also associated with increased falls and facture rates, which can quickly lead to a decrease in bone density.


One of the biggest culprits that lead to bone loss is caffeine. It is a diuretic. Therefore, excess intake of caffeine drains water and essential nutrients from the body. It also encourages kidneys to remove calcium from the blood, which eventually causes a loss of bone density.

Moreover, it makes your bones weaker and brittle. Caffeine is a stimulant that interferes with the absorption of calcium and other nutrients that are crucial for bone health.

High salt intake

According to many research performed on salt and osteoporosis, it is revealed that a 100 mmol increase in salt in your diet expelled calcium by 1.4mmol. In simple words, every time you intake salt, your body gives away some amount of calcium.

And more than 99% of calcium is stored in your bones; where do you think salt is extracting calcium from?

If you are grappling with back pain, bone fractures, shortness of breath, etc. it is imperative to consult a health specialist such as orthopedics, endocrinologist, or rheumatologist as early as possible to assess your bone health. A doctor can help you know the root cause, the condition of your bones, and provide you with the needed treatment. These are generally the symptoms of osteoporosis. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent future bone loss.

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