What is bioDensity training?

Human bones build until the age of 20 and it’s scientifically proven. This is the time when bones accept nutrients from food and grow strongly, giving strong support to the human body. But, as soon as the age crosses 30, the body starts losing bones. The rate of bone loss is 1 to 2% per year. The number seems to be less, but it leaves a major impact. Year by year, the bones become weak, disturbing the overall life of the people. 

What’s the solution given by doctors for this problem? Drugs, supplements, or surgery if the problem is very serious! These solutions may give instant relief but affect negatively in the long run. They harm the body or lead to several side effects. 

To overcome this, bioDensity training was introduced, which is based on the principles of Osteogenic Loading. It’s a non-drug training program that works for people of all ages with low bone density or osteoporosis. According to experts, the bioDensity training is an advanced brief, high resistance exercise for bone health. 

Osteogenic Loading: The amount of weight-bearing causing a response from the bone is known as Osteogenic Loading. It’s because the weight takes a certain load to stimulate the bone-building cells. 

What happens in the bioDensity training?

During the training, you are positioned in the strongest biomechanical position to produce maximal force for about 5 seconds. There are 4 positions that are instructed by the experts during a session. 

  • Forward using your hands 
  • Forward using your feet 
  • Upward using your knees 
  • Upward using your arms and legs together 

You might not be able to understand the force produced in a bioDensity session. Simply explained, the force produced is equivalent to pushing an object of significant weight and size. You will feel this force in your body during the bioDensity training session

For training sessions, regular clothes are preferred. There are no clothing specifications for the same. 

What would you feel after completing a bioDensity session?

You will feel like completing physical work. After the session, you will feel warm because of increased blood circulation and work completed by the muscles. Also, you will notice an improvement in your posture because of the spine and joint decompression from the impact loading. There will be muscular fatigue within 24 hours but no soreness. 

How safe is bioDensity training?

bioDensity training is completely safe. There are two major reasons that ensure safety. First, it’s a non-drug training, which means no side effects. Second, the bioDensity training is conducted under the guidance of the experts, taking all the precautions. 

bioDensity Training and Other Health Problems:

  • bioDensity Training to Reduce Blood Glucose Level: The Osteogenic loading stimulates myofibrils, which are muscle fibers within cells. Due to this stimulation, more insulin receptors are available to convert glucose into energy, lowering the blood sugar level. 
  • bioDensity Training to Burn Calories: As bioDensity training triggers tissue growth in the muscle fiber, people process glucose better and burn more calories with new tissues. 

bioDensity training is for all with lots of benefits. So, join today!!