What Type of Exercises Improve Bone Health?

Our bones support us and allow us to move independently. Also, they protect our brain, heart, and other organs from injury. If they are not strong, moving your body will become challenging and it will become prone to injuries. Chances are that you might suffer from serious health issues because of unhealthy bones. 

Doctors recommend different ways to improve bone health, including lifestyle changes. But, one thing that they strongly recommend is exercise and lots of physical activities so that bones feel the pressure and they get stronger. 

Here, the confusion that people have is the type of exercise. You cannot do anything and expect that the health of your bones will increase. Your bones require special attention to get stronger and improve their health. 

According to us, the two exercise types that are preferred to improve bone health are weight-bearing exercises and resistant exercises. High-impact weight-bearing exercises include walking, jogging, climbing stairs, and playing tennis, which force you to work against gravity. On the other hand, resistance exercises include lifting weights to get improved bones. 

How to perform weight-bearing exercises and resistant exercises together

It’s impossible if you follow the traditional approach. You will have to take time out of your busy schedule to complete both forms of exercise. For example, you will need at least 30 minutes for weight-bearing exercises and resistance exercises separately. It means an hour or more of your day will be spent working out to improve bone health. 

What’s the best way to improve bone health along with the benefits of weight-bearing and resistance exercises?

Join a fitness or health center that offers bioDensity training sessions. bioDensity is a brief intensive weight-bearing resistance exercise based on the Osteogenic Loading principle. The session is for 10 minutes a week, designed to stimulate the bones’ natural ability to increase bone mass and strength. In this short time, you will find lots of changes in yourself. 

bioDensity is the world’s first scientifically proven non-drug option that offers significant improvement in bone health in a safe manner. It’s even safe for the most high-risk patients. 

The best thing about bioDensity is that you will complete weight-bearing exercises without weight. This is why bioDensity is referred to as a low-impact training session. You won’t feel the pain but the results will be great after the first session only.

How will you know that bioDensity is improving your bone health?

The bioDensity user report will help you. The training session doesn’t work on assumptions; everything is documented properly. 

The bioDensity user report is a visual representation of the average maximal loads reached during each bioDensity session. With the graph, you will see your baseline reading and the last ten sessions recorded. 

The report will show your overall bone health improvement from your first session to the last and provide feedback and tips for improvement. 

bioDensity training offers both weight-bearing and resistance exercises. It means dual benefits just by giving 10 minutes a week. So, if you want to improve bone health, look for the fitness center that offers bioDensity training. And if you own a fitness or health center, implement bioDensity for your clients.